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Organic Surfactants
Amino Acids

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Solwet is an organic wetting agent composed of surfactant substances, characterized by:

  • a hydrophilic portion that binds water molecules;
  • a hydrophobic portion that binds to the soil.

These characteristics make it an extremely effective product, capable of "capturing" and retaining water in the soil for a certain period of time.

Solwet is ideal for all types of soil and substrates, particularly those with poor drainage capacity, sandy or hydrophobic, ensuring a more homogeneous water distribution and a greater availability of oxygen for the roots, resulting in overall physiological well-being of the plant and a significant increase in yields.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, Solwet:

  • improves water penetration into the soil, wetting and percolation throughout the soil profile;
  • improves the effectiveness of fertilizer use, as they remain in contact with the roots for a longer period of time, avoiding losses due to percolation;
  • improves the effectiveness and absorption of agrochemical treatments, such as herbicides, insecticides, and foliar fungicides. The active ingredient is distributed evenly and persists for a longer time;
  • lower usage doses result in reduced environmental impact and savings for the farmer.


Solwet is recommended for all crops:
Application period
Dosage (lt/ha)
Water quantity

Pre-sowing or pre-transplanting / substrate treatment

1.5 - 3

1000 - 2000 liters

Initial development stages

1.5 - 3

1000 - 2000 liters

Applications during the crop cycle

1 - 2

1000 - 2000 liters

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